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Frequently Asked Questions

After doing 1000’s of Conventions & Weddings here in Hawaii, Espresso’s repeat
clients, (most on a yearly basis) have discovered one thing in common: that our
core value of customer service, underscores our creative, cost effective, and
purpose-driven celebratory events. For us, no two clients are the same and we
will make sure that you get an event tailored to you! Effortlessly
shifting through the musical landscape of every decade, to take every event to a fun, magical party place. That’s what we strive to do every time!

 For more information, check out our FAQs below:

  • Can I listen to you perform before hiring you?

Yes - we have lots of live, unedited footage from real events, available on our Videos page and have audio clips coming soon!

  • What dance songs do you play?

We play the Top 100 ‘Most Requested’ dance songs from every decade.
We play today's Top Hits, 70’s, 80's and 90's, Classic Rock, 90’s Hip Hop Top
100, R&B, 2000’s Rap, Funk, Motown, Disco, Big Band Swing and Jump, Latin
and Ballroom styles. See our 10 page song list. 

Also Google ‘DJ Intelligence Most Requested Top 200 for 2022’ - We play every
song on this list. 

  • What if I don't see my favorite songs? Do you take requests?

We are willing to learn new songs that are important to you!
NO CHARGE, as many as you want!! 
We're here to sing for YOU!

  •  How would you describe your entertaining style?

We are an extremely versatile (see our 10 page song list) dance band.Our primary goal is to keep everyone on their feet all night long by segueing song to song without a break. When the dancing starts,Espresso goes out-of-the-box, discarding the old way, of only a 45 minute set. Instead, we launch into a 2 hour “POWER SET”, with no dead air in between songs.

  • Are you on social Media?

YES! Follow and tag us on instagram (@espressomauiband)​


  • Wedding Receptions, what is your approach?

Your Wedding Day - the most cherished day of your life, and your Reception is no ordinary Party, it’s THE Party! We will work with you to customize your day! 

As your potential wedding planner, our job is to make your vision a reality.  Even though we will be guiding you with our expert advice, you’ll always be in control.  We take an open minded solution oriented approach when considering your interests, event needs, & the uniqueness of your LOCATION.  (Espresso has played at every 5 star hotel on all the Hawaiian Islands, so please ask.) 
We want you to enjoy your wedding and guests without 
stress or a thought about the logistics.  
When Espresso plays (or have learned Free of charge) all your special songs, First Dance, Father/Daughter, plus Groom & Mother, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, Cake Cutting, Bridal Party Intro Songs, Last Dances, Money Dance Songs, Processional, Recessional, Ceremony songs, etc., the event of a lifetime has been created. Tim (the band leader) is also a Marriage Maestro when it comes to knowing all of the ‘Most Popular’ Ceremony Songs.  Let us be your Wedding Heroes, playing every last one of your most loved songs,
and then you’ll know why we are MAD about Weddings!

Each couple deserves the best for their day. We also offer acoustic sets if you'd like to have us playing during a cocktail hour before the reception/party! To us, It's not about making money,it's about providing dreams, and offering big city options for small town prices!



  • DO you MC?

Tim the bandleader has got you covered.  He enjoys making any announcement you want, and likes being connected to you & your guests. 


  • Does the band leader have other bands, that could do different styles?

Espresso is only one of Tim’s bands, he also is the bandleader for Dr. Rock, Island Groove, JazzBoxx PM, Tiki Lounge, & The Tropic Nights Pops Ensemble.  (See video’s on our website  This is one of the reasons his catalog of music is well over 3,000 songs.  His bands have played at every 5 star hotel on all the Hawaiian Islands, so please ask about locations, and where the best venue is for your magnificent event.

  • We want audience participation!

No problem, just ask, we do everything from hula hoop to limbo bar contests, all the line dances, Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Electric slide, Macarena, Tootsie Roll, The Humpty Dance etc., 2 Conga lines going in different directions!  6 guys on stage singing Twist & Shout with the band.   6 ladies on stage playing air guitars and doing hand movements (instructed by our female vocalists) to the song Respect.  Got drummers or singers in your audience?  Great!  Encourage them to come on up!  As always, please suggest your own unique audience participation ideas, that you know your group loves.


  • What about sound & lights, and the stage?

Espresso has an in-house production team that provides comprehensive sound
& lighting for all events, with stage set up & construction as well. Please inquire.

  • Do you play same-sex weddings?

Absolutely! We play ALL weddings & happily celebrate love. We also have an LGBTQ+ Pride Playlist (See p.10 of the Espresso Song list) Espresso is your Go-To Same-Sex Friendly, Wedding LGBTQ+ Dance Band.  Satisfying the particular song requests & wishes of same-sex couples is our goal! Please don’t
hesitate to reach out. Espresso specializes in Asian, African, Latino, Indian,
Jewish, LGBTQ+, European, Russian, Pacific Islander, Mexican,

Intercultural weddings, etc. It’s more FUN to include everyone!

  • Do you play anything acoustic/relaxed for cocktail hours etc? What if I'm looking for something other than a dance party?

No problem! Espresso offers acoustic/classic duos/trios as well as a full dance rock band! Contact us about the details of your event and we'll bring the music that suits your style! 

  •    Will the band be on time?  Adhering to the contractual terms?

Tim (the band leader) always arrives early to create a stress-free event,

and the band is completely sound checked and ready, a ½ hour before the event starts.  He also maintains a calm demeanor, quickly smoothing unexpected bumps in the road.  Repeat clients of Espresso, love that Tim always “brings it”, as they say, when he arrives at the event.  


  •    Who are the players & vocalists in the band?

Tim has an exceptional array of talent within the band.  It’s one of the many reasons he can feel so competent in going down any musical road necessary.  It’s also the reason he has all these different bands!  (view video’s of JazzBoxx PM, Tiki Lounge, Dr. Rock, Island Groove, etc.

  • What are Espresso Parties with Purpose?

We partner with highly selective clients (See our Testimonials, and instagram @espressomauiband) to create upscale
events that are distinctive and unrepeatable. Espresso delivers unrivaled
entertainment experiences that get everyone dancing.
The band's purpose is to entertain by any means necessary. They play the types
of music (See our 10 page song list and instagram


@espressomauiband) that will please your senses and make your body move.


• What could we also hire to make our Party spectacular?With all of Tim’s experience, he is essentially, a boutique production company.(Please ask, you’d be pleasantly surprised at what he can secure and book for you.) As you know, these kind of options can take an average party to the moon& back. Tim’s motto is Know your Genius-Work to be unstoppable. Some of Espresso’s innovations is the option of a DJ onstage performing with the live band. Or even a seasoned dance troupe of 6 choreographed young dancers, that the band accompanies with live music.If you require some additional WOW! learn party theme songs, whatever, just ask.We are fun loving, over the top creative types, who were born thinking outside the box. We also offer Photo & Video services! We make it easy to capture your most precious moments and all the dance floor action by matching you with the perfect team based on your event, vision, style, and budget.If your goal is to book a dynamic, versatile, high-profile band, Espresso can accommodate by adding a slammin' horn section and/or a rad string ensemble and/or steel guitar & percussionist, and/or accordion & vibes, etc... any instrumentation you prefer. You name it... Espresso has done it and is happy todo it for you! From a tasteful dinner set to booty shakin', dance floor packin' classics, their quality, showmanship and versatility are unparalleled. After working for an entertainment agency for over 20 years, Tim has a very specific,hand crafted list of preferred vendors, whom he trusts to bring your vision to life.(Please ask him via email

• Does the bandleader have a Bio?

Yes, Tim worked with the Top Entertainment Producer in the State of Hawaii, Matthew Winters of Island Partners, Inc.  During their 8 year stint (2011-2019), Matthew’s salesmanship and integrity would attract clients with very large budgets and therefore, he could produce spectacular events.  This in turn gave Tim a huge perspective of what it takes to pull off, such diverse corporate & wedding extravaganzas.  (At age 13, Tim was the bandleader for his Jr. high school dance band!)Tim also was employed at Musical Options Entertainment, Inc., for over 20 years here on Maui (Established in 1989).  While working with this booking agency, he saw first hand the challenges and the needs of performers and clientele alike, and learned how to harmonize the two, into a cohesive unit to provide the best for the event at hand.

Tim orchestrates successful performances by conducting all his bands with an unbridled passion of creative energy that elevates events. Tim will capture the most meaningful moments of your celebration. He is an entertainment specialist, & a highly skilled producer, that curates unique musical experiences.


  • Anything else we should know about Espresso?

We bring all the rad vibes and styles to a high-energy lineup, perfect to
make your vision come to life within budget.

The band's purpose is to entertain by any means necessary. They play the types of music (See our 10 page song list) that will please your senses and make your body move.


We are willing to learn new songs that are important to you! 

NO CHARGE, as many as you want.


We are a set band, meaning our members don't change. This means the chemistry is through the roof and the energy is seamless at your event!


Espresso is both kid friendly & adult appropriate.  We sing & rap clean lyrics.


We are also a team who gets the job done in an environment of inclusivity, mutual respect, and the love of this art form.   


Espresso brings all the vibe, rad, and style to a high-energy lineup, perfect to make your vision come to life within budget.


We ensure that every detail around the entertainment we provide, is seamlessly handled, from initial query to on-site production.

We’ll make sure that you come away looking like a star.


Espresso knows that entertaining your guests is the most important part of your event.  Here’s the bottom line. Above all else, we care.  Passion for both musical excellence and total customer satisfaction, is what drives us to work hard for you.   Our mission is clear; consistently provide access to the highest caliber musical talent and production available.

Give your stunning/vibrant wedding a touch of elegance with these super popular contemporary ballads (this years, DJ voted , Top 200 most requested songs) – Speechless, Beautiful Crazy, Perfect, I Want it that Way, Marry Me, Marry You, etc.  You’ll be “The Special Event Genie” when you customize your playlist from Espresso’s 10 page song list.

Espresso plays at a volume level that is acceptable to all.

We take Pride in Planning, & we know that YOU, Planned to be WOWED!

Get wedding wise and have ALL your favorite songs played, not just the bands, and NOT just 9 or 10!  For us to play all your favorite songs is a piece of cake,

because real professional musicians have the ability to do this effortlessly.

Even if other bands know several hundred very popular songs, it inevitably, is not enough.  Considering there are 7 decades of Top 100 ‘Most Requested’ songs, (check out plus this years Top 200 ‘Most Requested’ songs, that’s 900 just to get started!  Espresso knows 1000’s of songs and is willing to learn FREE of Charge as many as you want!

(most likely, however, their already on our list!)

When you see all your guests on the dance floor, that’s priceless event planning.

When you have a bandleader, who is a professionally hired, & trained music arranger, you have the perfect combination to provide EVERY song,

that is special & close to your Heart.  


On another note, be the party muse, and have the band play requests

from all your guests.  Or... encourage them to come up to the stage and look at our complete 10 page song list (that we always provide) on the front of the stage, with paper & pen, so that they will be able to jot them down on the spot, and be spontaneous,  choosing what they want to hear at that very moment, depending on their mood.  Now that’s a party!

Tim (the band leader) personally loves the challenge of this, because it’s a passion of his!  He loves doing it and bringing smiles to people’s faces on the dancefloor.


Tim likes to conduct himself with a level headed presence on event days.  He enjoys staying fully focused, so he can truly cater to the clients wishes at any one moment,

while at the same time, still cultivate a relaxed atmosphere, which is key to these


No matter the level of complexity, Tim wants to produce events that are polished, personalized, & memorable.  His kind & caring demeanor, have allowed him to

weather the test of time for the last 2 decades.

Are you looking for entertainment that will leave your guests enthralled,laughing, & dancing their feet off?With more than 27 years in the business, we put our expertise to work to create a perfect entertainment experience for you and your guests. Espresso can help you craft a playlist that takes guests from the cocktail hour to the dance floor.(See our 10 page song list) We are a “human iPod”, an old “Jukebox” if you want,and a versatile crowd pleaser.

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