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About Us

Aloha! We are Espresso Maui and we are here to bring the dance party to your event! We can play as an acoustic trio up to a full 8 piece dance band (we can even do it up really big + throw in a horn section!)

Tim OHara (1).jpg
 Tim O'Hara 

 Aloha! I'm the band leader, lead male vocalist, lead guitarist, + arranger! Let's get this party started! 

 Sadi Cardenas + Seanna Daise 

 Aloha! We are your lead female vocalists. We   add rad harmonies + flare to all of   your favorite dance songs! We really enjoy   performing together + our energy and moves   will get your party to the dance floor! We have   a wide variety of styles/looks to fit your event! 

 George - Keys
 Danny - Bass
 Mike - Drums 

 Aloha! We are the band + we rock hard! 

Alan + Amber

 Aloha! We are excellent vocalists, adding in   thick harmonies when booking a larger band! 

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